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N0JPD demonstrates PSK31 & WINLINK setup

Andy lets us visit his shack to take a look at his setup for PSK31 and Winlink applications and shows us the interfaces of each.

SMRC receives community service award

Representative Mark Pody from the 46th district in Tennessee presents SMRC with a community service award and talks about some of the issues he's working on at one of SMRC's monthly meetings.

2012 Mid Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair Review

Relive the events and participants of the 2012 Mid Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair. This event was the first tailgate in the area to combine the Ham Radio community and the preparedness community to offer products from both.

Emergency Communications 2

W4AZM & KK4CGM follow up the E-Comm 1 presentation with a more detailed look at Ham Radio and the value it offers in emergency situations. Subjects covered in this presentation include understanding the different FCC licensing classes and how they relate to the type of communication you can achieve during infrastructure failure. Information is presented on the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) and how hams and non-hams can utilize it. Basic wave propagation principles are also discussed. The audio in this video drops out occasionally for a brief time, but not to the point you loose the point of the conversation.

Emergency Communications 1

WD8KVQ, W4AZM & KK4CGM narrate a presentation to a preparedness group, at a Goodletsville convention, who are interested in the value of Ham Radio in emergency situations. Subjects covered include how public infrastructures may be affected in various emergency events and the benefits Ham Radio can offer for communication during these failures. Basics about radio are covered including repeaters, simplex operation and how digital modes can be used for communication.

Real-World Fox Hunt

On July 18, 2013, the Short Mountain Repeater was locked up by a transmitting signal from a station and disrupted the hospital net. W4WRB recounts the series of events he and other radio techs took in finding the offending station. This is an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes requirements of what it takes to keep a repeater operational.

Hmmm...Why is it that we bother to do field day?

According to the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), Field Day is the most popular on-the-air operating event in Amateur Radio.  Always on the fourth full weekend of June, the event draws tens of thousands of amateur radio operators across the country to participate by setting up public demonstrations of the Amateur Radio service. Filed day is a great event to bring your family and friends and give them a glimpse of why you participate in this hobby in the first place, and why hams have such passion for being involved. 

Our Short Mountain Repeater Club field day is sure to be a fantastic event and one to remember for a long time to come. I sure plan on getting in on the fun and hope many others do the same!!  Some of the other reasons we participate in this event have honest to goodness practical and very useful implications.

  • Emergency Preparedness Exercise
  • Getting new, inactive, and potential hams on the air
  • Demonstrating amateur radio's emergency capabilities to area EMAs
  • Having fun...having fun...did I mention having fun!!!

73 de N0JPD


Antenna Workshop for Fox Hunting Yagi

Step-by-step process of building a 3 element yagi used for simple 2 meter operation or for Fox Hunting. The specifications for construction are as follows:

  • Reflector- 41 3/8"
  • Driven Element- 17 3/4" each
  • Director- 35 1/8"
  • Matching loop (balun)- 5 1/2"
  • Space between Reflector and Driven Element- 8" on center
  • Space between Driven Element and Director- 12 1/2" on center

SMRC Net Controls


Old Codger's Net





Information Net


Carl Caldwell

Congratulations KK4MKH!

Join with SMRC as we celbrate a very special Technician's Class Licensee. Barry Bee is the 16 year old son of Randy Bee (W4WRB). Pleae read Randy's article "A New Very Special Ham Licensee" to get more information about Barry's amazing story.

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