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SMRC Monthly Meeting


Gregory Mill Park
390 Enon Springs Road East
3716730 Smyrna, TN
Phone: 615-787-7672
Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 11:00am

35th Anniversary Celebration


SMRC Meeting


267 N. Lowrey St.
37167 Smyrna, TN
Phone: (615) 459-1091
35° 58' 35.04" N, 86° 30' 50.1696" W
Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 2:00pm

The SMRC Club Meeting will be JSaturday, June 14th.
2pm for the Eat-n-Greet with the business meeting starting at 3pm.

Monthly Meeting Minutes (May 2013)

18 members were present at meeting.
Tony opened meeting but was feeling bad, (had his back brace on), so he turned the meeting over to Bob.
Bob gave an overview of meeting topics to be covered. Field day and our Cedars of Lebanon Hamfest.
Club Secretary was out of town so no Secretary’s notes of previous meeting were given.
Treasurer’s report presented, motion to accept and seconded. Club voted to approve.
Informational statement given that the fox hunt scheduled at the Cedars of Lebanon the day before our Hamfest is neither a SMRC club function nor a part of the Hamfest due to permit requirements but it is open to the public event.
Field day report given. CW stations will count as two. We would like to put up a balloon to support a 160-meter vertical antenna. We also need more club volunteers to help set up & organize. Permit for the park is secured and Tony will have the keys for the gate. Park will be locked at night per regulations. This is a 24-hour event.

Monthly Metting Minutes (April 2013)

Tony opened the meeting and gave an update on Field Day arrangements and COL mapping.
Secretary’s report was presented by Laura. Club approved.
Treasurer’s report was presented by Patrick. Club approved.
Randy Bee gave an update on the new controller installation.
Randy did a presentation on Good Amateur Radio Practice.
Meeting was adjourned.

Monthly Meeting Minutes (Mar 2013)

Tony opened the meeting.
Johnny Vaughn did a presentation on solar power.
Secretary’s report was presented by Patrick Mikell. Club approved.
Treasurer’s report was presented by Patrick Mikell. Club approved.
Randy Bee did an update on the Repeater repair.
Reimbursement for replacement controller up to $600 approved.
Billy gave an update on Quartzfest, and they showed video.
Meeting was adjourned.

Monthly Meeting Minutes (Feb 2013)

Tony opened the meeting & turned the meeting over to Bob to conduct.
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Patrick & club approved.
Bob gave a Hamfest Committee Report
Ball field rental for 2014 COL Hamfest was approved.
Motion to approve a $500 committee fund for Hamfest & Field Day. Motion approved
Discussion on name of Cedars Hamfest title to include the term Self Reliance.
- Call for a vote to include that term. Club approved.
Discussion of Field Day plans
- Last weekend in June in park next to school. Start at 12:00 noon. Suggestion to invite Nashville Astronomical group & Bedford County ham group. It will have a special events call sign & am station.
Laura presented Secretary’s report. Minutes approved.
Bob opened floor for discussion of license classes.
It was noted the next meeting was the same day as Tullahoma Hamfest. Vote to keep SMRC meeting on schedule at regular time passed.

Monthly Meeting Minutes (Jan 2013)

Tony opened the meeting.
Barry Hudgins made a motion to form a committee for Hamfest. Seconded by John Brokaw. Motion passed. It was decided that Bob Petrie would head committee & choose team.
Bob Petrie gave a summary of Cedars of Lebanon.
Secretary’s reports for October & November were presented & approved.
Treasurer’s report was presented & approved.
Bruce Cavender did a presentation on EMP. Sam Reid did a demonstration testing the use of a metal trash can as a faraday cage.
Meeting was adjourned.

SMRC receives community service award

Representative Mark Pody from the 46th district in Tennessee presents SMRC with a community service award and talks about some of the issues he's working on at one of SMRC's monthly meetings.

MTARS Severe Weather Awareness Day


Trevecca Nazarene University Conference Center
333 Murfreesboro Pike
37210 Nashville, TN 36° 8' 42.7128" N, 86° 45' 10.4724" W
Date of event: 
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 10:00am


An opportunity for SKYWARN Spotters to participate in a free-flowing information fair dedicated to promoting severe weather safety and awareness. Various participants including the American Red Cross, The University of Alabama Huntsville, Western Kentucky University, the National Weather Seivice in Nashville and local media partners will be present to provide unique insight into the many different facets of severe weather.

 Theme: The 15th Anniversary of the April 16th, 1998 Nashville Tornado

  • Basic and Advanced SKYWARN Spotter Training.
  • Information booths from various preparedness and awareness groups around Middle Tennessee
  •  Emergency vehicle showcase
  • Specialized break-out sessions on various preparedness, awareness, and severe weather topics.
  • tSpotter - Using Twitter to report severe & winter weather to the NWS.
  • Can’t make it on the 23rd? Follow our event hashtag #SWAD2O13 on Twitter to be kept up to speed!


WD8KVQ's EMP Presentation

EMP Presentation

For those who could not attend the January SMRC meeting, you missed a very interesting and in-depth presentation by WD8KVQ on electro-magnetic pulse events. Bruce made a solid case for expecting such an event from some of America's enemies and explained the simplicity by which they could disable the electrical grid of the United States with one atomic detonation in our atmosphere. 

There are many theories and concepts about how to protect electronic equipment from such an event. Bruce's presentation went into detail to expel some of the myths and misconceptions about what would be required to protect your ham gear. You can access the presentation as a member of SMRC under the Video Library/Club Presentations/Members Only menu item. 

SMRC's Mailing Address

Short Mountain Repeater Club
P.O. Box 330914
Murfreesboro, TN  37133


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 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

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Club Officers

2019 Officers 

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: KM4UIH (Jacob Slater)

Treasurer:  KM4UII (Dennis Slater)


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