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N0JPD demonstrates PSK31 & WINLINK setup

Andy lets us visit his shack to take a look at his setup for PSK31 and Winlink applications and shows us the interfaces of each.

Winlink Installation

W4WRB goes through the initial installation of Winlink 2000 including how to set up your Winlink account and how to configure your computer to get up and going with Winlink.

What the Hinternet?

For those of you who are familiar with digital techniques, you know that the Internet and amateur radio have a good “working relationship.” You may even know that you can send and receive digital data without the Internet via Ham radio. Did you know, however that amateur radio can replace the Internet? Anything you can presently do over the Internet whether sending messages, watching TV, streaming video, Web (http) and file transfer (ftp), chat rooms and forums, you can do with the Hinternet. The Hinternet, also known as High-Speed Multimedia Radio (HSMM), is the implementation of wireless data networks over amateur radio frequencies using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware such as 802.11 access points and D-Star equipment. Licensed amateur radio operators may use amplifiers and specialized antennas to increase the power and coverage of the 802.11 signal.

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