5. I would like to share my personal experience in consuming bitter leaf, I'm cured from my hypertension and the color of my toes are back to normal color (not dark/black). Apply to the affected area. Pls help me. is that all? I have low progesterone can I use bitter leaf water. Let it dry. The Herb is also known to lower the Blood Pressure, therefore, also recommended to patients with High Blood Pressure. However, to reduce the risk of Hepatitis B, we suggest you to consume Milk Thistle for a month. I have taking durgs still yet it has not stop. please can bitter leaf be mixed with other herbs??? I appreciate how you answer questions on this page,God bless you,my own question is on bone,what herbs will u suggest for somebody like me who had a fall around my shoulder -hand joint longtime ago,but facing the consequences now,its really affecting my backbone,i have consulted the physiotherapist,but no difference yet,please help me I am just 30years,regards. Strain it off. My names are Clara David I’m a citizen of USA, My younger sister was sicking of breast cancer and her name is Sandra David I and my family have taking her to all kind of hospital in USA still yet no good result. Is it better to eat the whole bitter leaf or to get the juice from it and drink the juice, and how long will it take to see the benefits from using bitter leaf. Bitter Leaf juice is used to cure Hepatitis B. This remedy can actually be used to prevent diabetes from manifesting in the first place. How did you manage treat or cure high blood pressure and diabetes with that product? sieve. The sugar readings should be monitored daily and the dosage can be adjusted. It is also stated that bitter leaf contains anti-viral compounds, flavonoids, glycosides, etc which helps in reducing and managing levels of blood sugar in the body. Which will rise up in a severe form, affecting the more vital organ. Can bitterleaf juice cure Urinary tract infection? I have been diagnosed for Hepatitis B for over 2yrs. Squeeze You may take it for 15 days. Pls can bitterleaf help me to get pregnant fast. Hi good evning,just wanted to asked if the bitter leaf is safe for the infant 15 days old.so many people said to take bitter leaf and steam to drink for infant.thank you for ur response. Is it necessary to filter the juice before drinking? 4 pellets twice in a day. Well, if that has not happened with you, you must stop the herb use. These herbs will help to cure Hbv B. Dear Wignesh I have just seen your reply of Mar 15/2017 and would like to make a comment on it. Bitter leaf in my country is called "African leaf" :). Chimmy. So do you suffer from that ? ---Eat Milk Thistle for 10 days. I'm sure I must have taken the juice and eaten it in soup during my pregnancy. Thanks. Good afternoon sir, my name is Bright, my question is. Please where did u get them to buy? Then you may switch to Apple Cider Vinegar or Black Cumin Oil ( Added with honey to it ). I like the way you reply to everyone's questions.. my question is can I take bitter leaf to treat high blood pressure but the clause is 'I have hypoglycemia '.. so what should the Quantity be? Treating it means, strengthening the Liver and immunity. Drink a glass of juice twice a day. please i have chicken pox and i was advised to wash the bitterleaf and use its juice to bath and drink some with alcohol that it will help. So can bitter leaf and garlic blend together work? The juice of leaf helps to decrease high level of blood sugar. Bitter leaf reduces the risk of cancer. One everyday. Can I take the bitterleaf juice today? Boil the washed roots and stems of Bitter Leaf in 250 ml of water. Is the capsule ok? Bitter Leaf can be used to cure Typhoid. Efua, i am based in Kumasi in Ghana. I take a glass in the morn and at night, hope it's not too much? Stinging Nettle tea, one cup daily for a month. should it be taken in small quantity or a little mug.Pls reply, Take in small quantity coz its very effective. I want to know the dosage of bitter leaf juice for an arthritis patient. Snow mountain Garlic can also help the typhoid patient. Do you know this herb by any other name ? Pls want to know if there is herb that can cure it. Bitter Leaf might not be the very effective herb to cure UTI. You may drink Chaste Berry tea for a month, eat Dong Quai capsules, one every day for a month. Thanks. Drink one cup every day. Can bitter leafs also work for pimples, if say how do I use it for pimples. This can be effectively done using a … Thanks Herbpathy for your vital information, please always give measurements as some people can take a cup to be 500ml, depending on how big their cup may be. I was diagnosed of HIV 5months back am on ART pls what can I take to cure myself. From there my left leg lost all muscle tone and the entire left leg muscles are gone. It stops the bleeding and heals Wounds completely. 13. i have done that many times they said hormonal imbalance.they only end up in forcing it out with injection after some time it will go off again.please i need something that will correct it permanently so i will be able to take in thanks. Can I add evaporated milk to bitter leaf juice and what is the effect in the body? Thanks. Yes, you may use the herb to cure penile itching. Please help me get a permanent cure for him. Thank you and God bless you. I have thyroid nodules problem.some people says bitter leaves also is good .is it true? Did you get yourself examined by a doctor ? Mix Tea Tree Oil and Olive oil in equal quantities. Drink a glass of extracted Bitter Leaf juice thrice a day to reduce fever. Drink a cup of Fresh cranberry juice for a month. Know how to wipe of cellulite, stretch marks, black spot, and pimples with natural remedy like, avocado, moringa or walnut oil apart from all this I mentioned. Your Query - This is a community service. Is it normal? Do you suffer from Diabetes ? I was diagnosed with hepatitis b in August 2016, I am 23yrs old female. Therefore, to avoid such interferences take Bitter leaf juice alone. or you may boil the stem and root of this plant and drink a glass twice daily till the symptoms persist. I have been happier ever after. I need total cure. Yes it can but you regularly needs to go on check ups to see how progressively you are healing. Thank you for this info. Can one mix bitter leaf juice with scent leaf? Alos, take Milk Thistle Capsules, one daily for a month. Pls help. Follow the same preparation as you would for diarrhea. Or ask someone else to explain your problem in detail. Expose it to sunlight for 15 minutes. diabetic patient whose blood sugar level is unnecessarily high just needs to Do not repeat this medicine. Chimmy. Then you may conceive. As the name implies bitter-leaf is extremely bitter Please what herbs can one take to build / increase the blood levels for a sickle cell patient and clear the liver of excess bilirubin's build up. ROOTS AND HERBS HAS BE FOUND AS THE CURE OF HIV/AIDS. Can better help an hiv patient increase immune. What herb should I use for both to be cured? Can i use bitter leave juice for typhoid. How effective is bitter leave in treatment of HP b. Use it twice a day. Yes you are correct the real problem is that I have a soft penis and I do not get erection anymore and I have used both local and medical means I think it get worse. If you think you want to detoxify your body, drink Coriander juice daily for 3 days. My kidney function, the GFR is very low, 18. Apply this juice twice a day. Thanks, Faith. However, prolonged use of this herb without any cause may give rise to some symptoms. Pls can I give bitter leaf juice daily? What is the local name for it in Yoruba . I have lived with this for years and I believe there is a solution to every challenges. Hi. Another health benefits of bitter leaf is that it also helps to reduce high sugar level in the blood, and great for diabetic patients. I need your advice. Please can bitter leaf cure hepatitis b virus completely from my system because I'm diagnosed with, If yes how do I use it. Can bitter leaves cure him completely. Have the Bitter leaf juice to lower the raised blood sugar level. It really causing me depression. I av been taking bitter leave for sometime now,is really working for me but I want to know if it effect the heart or lever.And how Long will one take it and stop.Thank u. Dear Stella, Bitter leaf has medicinal properties that take care of heart and Liver health too. Readthe page, I have share dtyhe link with you. What leaf can help dry the rashes. If so, what quantity, thanks. Thank you. Do this twice a day. I contacted him and told him my problem he told me that I should not worry that my sister cancer will be cure, he told me that there is a medicine that he is going to give me that I will cook it and give it to my sister to drink for one week, so I ask how can I receive the cure that I am in USA, he told me That I will pay for the delivery service. A cup is normally about 250ml. Yes, it is. It is self- limiting. by Nobody: 5:16pm On Nov 22 , 2013 I have taken too much bitterleaf and now I've had excruciating pain and diarrhoea. blood sugar level has actually fallen drastically. my question is when i to take the radish juice is it right after the bitter leave or after food. Drink 10 drops of raspberry leaf extract. Is it adviciable to mix bitter leaf with finer/garlic and drink for the sake of painful throat, fever,chest pain and lost of appetite? The goal of Diabetes treatment is to reduce blood glucose or sugar level to as close as possible to normal level. Why do you want to use this herb ? I took too much quantity of bitter leaf because of blood pressure, now am serious weight loss, please what can i do. How to help a 19 year old with anxiety and depression and memory problems? Subscribe to our blog & receive our posts delivered directly to your inbox. I've being operated of multiple big fibroid 4 yrs ago. Am suffering from acute sexual weekness I hard gonorhea but was not cure properly it has stayed with me for years what herd can you recommend for me .I need help I can't have sex, Please i normally miss my monthly period like 3 months after, 2months or there about, i went to the hospital to do test but they said no infection, please can i know what herb i can treat it with.