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Cedars of Lebanon Vendor Information

SMRC wants to express our appreciation for your participation in Cedars of Lebanon 36th Annual Hamfest. If you were a part of the 34th Annual Hamfest, you know that the reason it was so successful was because of the vendor participation. Many of the vendors last year experienced sales beyond their expectations, and one vendor exceeded his total yearly sales for one of his radios.

This years event is is in the same location with the main display area stretching over 250 yards. The main road running through the venue is about 12 feet wide so parking will have to be planned carefully. We are providing a turn-around area at the North end of the main road for those who must leave before the end of the event. There are some areas where parking will be limited to one side of the road but pop-ups and tables can be set up on both sides of the road. 

SMRC Cedars of Lebanon Hamfest


Cedars of Lebanon 36th Annual Hamfest

The SMRC Hamfest will be on August 28nd, in the same location with all the fun and good stuff we have every year. Join us for our ARRL affiliated event and stay tuned for more information as it is made available.

Tell all your friends and neighbors that have an interest in Ham radio, emergency communications or preparing for your self reliance in any situation that "the" event in Middle Tennessee is on the horizon.




Talk-in frequency 146.910 (-)



2012 Marks All-Time High for Amateur Radio Licenses

The growth in Amateur Radio is important to clubs like ours because it tells us that many new licensees are coming into Ham radio who need training and directing to properly understand what radio is all about. I believe it can be said that many of these new licensees are coming into the craft from the preparedness community and many may not understand the true benefits of amateur radio and that it requires some study and application to receive those benefits. Clubs like SMRC can expand its misson dramatically by trying to attract these new licensees and making sure we provide them with the resources they need to be proficient in the craft. The question is whether we want to be a radio community or simply a collection of radio heads. 

This is a reprint of an article from ARRL website.


WD8KVQ's EMP Presentation

EMP Presentation

For those who could not attend the January SMRC meeting, you missed a very interesting and in-depth presentation by WD8KVQ on electro-magnetic pulse events. Bruce made a solid case for expecting such an event from some of America's enemies and explained the simplicity by which they could disable the electrical grid of the United States with one atomic detonation in our atmosphere. 

There are many theories and concepts about how to protect electronic equipment from such an event. Bruce's presentation went into detail to expel some of the myths and misconceptions about what would be required to protect your ham gear. You can access the presentation as a member of SMRC under the Video Library/Club Presentations/Members Only menu item. 

Out of This World Contact

Want to make a contact that is out of this world? Then you might want to try your luck at contacting the International Space Station. The odds aren’t the greatest and you will just have to listen as they pass over your part of the world but when they do call CQ, if you are listening and ready to transmit it can be one of the rarest contacts you will ever make. There are scads of sites and applications that can inform you of the time when passes are made over this part of the world on the web. I use one called NASA HD for the Ipad, but there are many others. The information in this article was collected from several sites discussing how amateurs can contact the ISS. It has been stated by the astronauts that some of them like to play with the ham radio for relaxation in their off time.

Basic radio setup

Changes to Email Accounts

The website is now residing with a new hosting service which will allow us to more easily manage our public and member websites. The new hosting account does not have the email accounts available that we had with the previous host, so as a consequence, all email accounts are non-functional. If this recent change presents a problem for your communications, please call me at 615 482-7267.

Easy 10 meter antenna for the R&R Net

This article is a reprint form an article in Ham Universe:



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