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73 from SMRC web admin KK4CGM

Over the last two and a half years, I have been working to make the two SMRC websites have some appeal not only to our club members, but to hams in general. I have been only partially successful in my goals but I hope that you have found some value in our websites. Recent circumstance have caused me to re-evaluate my effectiveness and whether I can continue to spend the time effort and expense of being the primary editor to not only manage the sites, but be responsible for 80-90% of the content.

Although my Short Mountain Repeater Club membership is paid for the rest of the year, I will not be an active part of SMRC operations, including my responsibilities with the websites and with the hamfest coming up in August at Cedars of Lebanon. I will be transitioning out of the role of website admin with my final duties being finalized on June 14, 2014.

SMRClub Website mentioned on Twit.TV

Thanks to Dale Miller KC2CBD for mentioning our club website to Ham Nation. Our site was mentioned by Dale Puckett, wo had some nice things to say about our website. For those of you have never watched one of their episodes, (just as I had never watched before) please check it out. Its a very informative program. Watch episode 138 here.


N4LZY coming back to the SMRC Nets

If you have been familiar with Short Mountain Repeater Club and our weekly nets for a while, you probably have been missing Jerry Elkin's N4LZY, personal touch. As you know, he called the Old Codger's Net for years made Monday nights a time to look forward to. If you haven't tuned into one of Jerry's nets, you now will have an opportunity to enjoy his work on Thursday night's Trader's Net. Jerry will be taking the reigns of the Trader's Net and making it his own starting April 17th so be there for the inaugural edition and help welcome Jerry back to the SMRC Net Control crew. 

The Trader's Net airs every Thursday night at 8PM CST on the SMRC repeater on 146.910 (146.310 offset) and is a venue for all hams to offer gear they want to buy, sell or trade to other ham operators over the Short Mountain repeater. You may also create a posting on the website for your equipment with a website account at no charge.

Check out the Solar Data Page

Ever wondered what all the information on the solar data panels means? Many Ham sites place the solar data panes in the sidebars of their sites but they all have different information and most of us don't know how to interpret the numbers we see in them. The SMRC Solar Data Page has the key for interpreting these panels and also provides some other great indicators and widgets for determining propagation conditions as it relates to solar activity.

Time to start thinking about the 2014 SMRC Hamfest

As the weather starts to warm a little, its time to start working toward our annual hamfest/tailgate. It will be in the traditional location at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on the 23rd of August. Check the website for park general information and reservations. You can also get general vendor information along with the vendor grid for space rental options along with vendor applications.

Make your plans to be there! More information will be coming soon.

Does the Ham Spirit still exist?

As you know, I call the Traders' Net on Thursday nights at 8PM CST. As a part of our format, we discuss ham-related topics as well as facilitate the exchange of gear. Our recent topic has been the History and Forefathers of Ham Radio and I've been studying a very thorough article by Chris Codella W2PA to understand more about the subject.

In May of 1917, war with Germany was eminent and amateur radio operators, at that time the ARRL, received a mandate to stop all radio operations from the Department of Commerce. With the future of amateur radio unsure and in jeopardy, the editors of QST published the following article in their May issue:

Family Memberships

If your whole family are crazy about being Hams, the Family Membership is the best deal around! For $35 everyone in the household can access the website training information, keep up with what's going on in the world of Amateur Radio. You can all learn how to build antennas together, learn how to tin wires and make DX contacts... what could be better?

A Family Membership gives everybody in the house the benefits of Full Membership. If you have a big family, you have your own lobby group already built! With a vote for eahc member, you might make a quorum automatically. Just check out the information below and select the best option for you and your family and sign up today.


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