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Save WWV WWVH WWVB Stations

Saving WWV,WWVH and WWVB

Some newer hams may not realize the deeper value of these stations but they were definately a requirement back in "the old days"

Accurate time keeping for several types of schedules and such had nothing else to reference as at that time there were no computers or internet

The government is currently considering abandoning this system in the next budget cut

The link below is a petition to bring it to the attention of our leaders that we still need this service

It actually still runs our atomic clocks and other functions

Please electonically sign the petition   I already have  W4WRB

LED Lights Cause Serious Interference

VERON report investigators from the Netherlands Radiocommunications Agency have discovered RF Pollution emitted by LED lights caused the loss of AIS shipping signals around 162 MHz 

A Google English translation of the Radiocommunications Agency article reads: 

In the mouth of the Waalhaven in the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam, ships from the electronic map have been missing for some time. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and skippers were completely in the dark about the cause of this.


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