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Who was Nickola Tesla?

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Who was Nickola Tesla?

Serbian-American Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a master of many professions and the genius behind numerous inventions, including patented designs for equipment that generated electromagnetic waves. His principal achievement was the concept of ac power transmission and the invention of the ac induction motor and transformer. Teslas interest in electromagnetic wave technology emanated fromhis preoccupation with the idea of wirelesstransmission of power — a power grid without



As early as 1893 Tesla lectured on the principles of radio and demonstrated wireless communication utilizing a unique spark gap transmitter and coherer receiver that included an antenna working against ground. He was later granted patents on the system and its components. These grants were the basis for Tesla later contesting some of Marconi’s patents. A I904 court decision favored Marconi, but in 1943 the US Supreme Court reversed the decision and upheld Tesla’s patents.


Tesla dreamed big, and among his dreams was a high-powered (200 kW) wireless facility for transatlantic commercial  communication. In 1904 he published the concept and stated that

the station would not only transmit and receive radio waves, but also transmit electric power. Tesla began work on the station near Shoreham on Long Island, New York. but it never became fully operational. He went on to build a wireless communication facility for Telefunken in West Sayville, Long Island in 1911-1912.


Tesla was commercially oriented and highly entrepreneurial. He is credited with some 278 patents issued in 26 countries. Among the pioneers of radio, Tesla was surely the most colorful and remains an icon in popular culture.


Portion of an article taken From QST October 2013, Pg 70


This guy is an interesting character, see what you can find out about him.


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