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OCN Preamble


United States
35° 52' 16.4892" N, 86° 40' 16.1148" W

This is Callsign. Is this frequency in use?
Let the repeater drop..

Do we have any emergency or priority traffic for the W4YXA repeater before we begin tonight’s Net?
Let the repeater drop..


Nothing heard, we will begin the Net…

Good evening everyone, my name is name. My call sign is Callsign. That’s Photic Callsign from Location, TN welcoming All radio amateurs to the Short Mountain Repeater Club Old Codger Net.


Where old codger are never forgotten and new codger are always welcome.


This net meets every monday night at 8pm united states central time on the “Big 91” that is 146.910 on your fm radio tune it lock it in rip of the knob off.


The purpose of this net is just to have fun. Jokes brain Teaser and other rag-chewing business is welcome & encouraged.


You do not have to be a member of any particular club, group or organization to be a part of this Net. All you need is an amateur radio license of Technician class or higher or to be a third party guest of a licensed radio amateur.


Hold let this repeater drop and we will do the legal stuff.

Let the repeater drop..




This is not a arrl affiliated net it is a directed net so diretec all traffic to net control and do so unless told to do otherwise. If emergency or priority traffic should occur we will interrupt this Net to try to help. Please remember to keep all transmissions compliant with FCC Part 97 regulations. Do not attempt to relay unless the Net specifically requests it and please remember to use proper procedure when identifying your station. Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated.

Let me let the repeater drop
Let the repeater drop…


This is callsign and this the short mountain repeater club old codger net.




Are there any Announcements, Bulletins or News before we begin the Net?
Listen and Repeat any announcements…

Let me let it drop…
Let the repeater drop…

Check ins

Mobile & Short Timers

Let’s start with Mobile or Short Time check ins. Please come with your call phonetically along with your name. Mobile and Short Time check ins only, please come with your call…

Log check ins…

Let’s go back through Mobile and Short Time check ins to weigh in on tonight’s Topic, which is ___________________.
Let “No Traffic” check in go    Recap w/”No Traffic” call signs.

Are there any more Mobile or Short Time check ins, please come with your call…
Log check ins…

After this go to bill ww4fm for the top ten list


Regular Check ins

Let’s start with Regular check ins now. Regular check ins for the Short Mountain Repeater Club Old Codger  Net. Please use your call sign phonetically, your name and location. Regular check ins, please call now.
Log regular check ins…    Recap check ins…


Okay here what I got

List check-ins

We’re still looking for Regular check ins. Regular check ins, please come with your call.
Let the repeater drop…Recap check ins…


Begin the Net


Let’s go to the top of the list and check in with …

Let the repeater drop after everyone’s’ turn… Net Control to ID after every 3 turns.
This is Callsign, Net Control for tonight’s INFONET.
Then call on the next check in…


73 Round

Are there any Rechecks. Any comments on something you’ve heard. Any questions for the group on one of the stations regarding tonight’s topic. 73 Round. Rechecks please come with your call…
Repeat the last call for Rechecks … When finished, close the Net.

…Nothing heard, I will close the Net. I’d like to thank all the stations for checking in on and participating in the Short Mountain Repeater Club Old Codger Net. This Net meets every Monday night @ 8:00 pm CST on this repeater and I’d also like to thank the Short Mountain Repeater Club for the use of their repeater.

The topic was __________ and tonight we had a total of ______ check ins and a duration of ______ minutes. The time is ________ pm and we will now return the W4YXA repeater to normal amateur use. Thank you All for checking in tonight. Your participation has made this another Great Net!

Callsign Clear/QRT.

At the breakfast table you hear snap, crackle, pop and you're not eating cereal.
Your idea of weight lifting is standing up.
You have an external speaker in your bathroom connected to your rig.
You have your Old Codger Number tattooed on your forehead so you don't forget it.
When checking in please give your call sign, name and old codger number (if you remember it) slowly and clearly to allow this old codger time to jot it down correctly
If you don't remember your old codger number don't worry, I'll remind you what it is so you can forget it again next week
If you are new to this net and do not have an old codgers number, we will assign one to you that will be yours for life. You can even get your OCN membership certificate (suitable for framing) to hang on your wall
Join us in saying hello to everyone and amaze us with your command of useless information
I'm gonna take just a second here to let the repeater drop, adjust my dentures and I'll right back to take some checkins
(Take checkins in any order you would like)

SMRC's Mailing Address

Short Mountain Repeater Club
P.O. Box 330914
Murfreesboro, TN  37133


Use our contact form


Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Trustee email

Club Officers

2019 Officers 

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: KM4UIH (Jacob Slater)

Treasurer:  KM4UII (Dennis Slater)


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