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New Log4om Release

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New Log4om Release

Our friends at Lo4om have released the latest update to their software. I was bored yesterday so I downloaded a copy and played with it for a couple of hours. It imported, exported, and posted QSO's to QRZ, LotW, eQsl, and ClubLog flawlessly. It has a slick user interface that can even be set to track and save the solar conditions as you work QSO's.

I'm still an HRD fan, but I have to admit this newest version from Log4om is as good as the logging capability in the HRD suite. If these guys would write some software for radio control and digital, I think they could give HRD a run for their money.

So, if your looking for a great freeware logging program to keep the various services posted and in synch, give this a try.


Thanks & 73 - Bob AD4BF

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