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Get me a beer before it starts!

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Get me a beer before it starts!

So this ham is tuning around the bands and he hollers out to his wife, Honey, bring me a beer before it starts. She is a bit annoyed, but decides to bring him the beer. He downs it pretty fast and a few minutes hollers out again, Honey, bring me another beer, before it starts. Now she is getting miffed, but he drank the beer pretty fast, and under the circumstances, sometimes it is best not to make trouble. She brings him the beer. Sure enough, a few minutes later, he hollers out again, Honey, how about another beer before it starts?

Well, she has had enough. She storms into his shack and starts reading him the riot act. I cook for you, I clean your house, I do the laundry, I take care of the kids and I have a job besides. If you want a beer, you can get your lazy butt up and get it yourself!

Damn he says, It started.

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