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What is the range of Handheld Radio & How to increase it

Well what is the range of handheld radio(ht)? The average range of a HT is around 2 -3 miles in an urban area without repeater use but with repeater use is around 50 miles. But this depend on many factors like terrain, power, antenna & evaluation. 

Terrain without trees will do better than with trees same goes for many other things. Evaluation also goes with this because if you are on the 20 floor of a building it will get more range than on ground level. Power mostly effects the quality of signal in analog but in digital it sounds about the same with all amounts of power. Antennas is the the most important factor of the range of a HT. If you have a great radio and a poor antenna it won't do as good as a great antenna with a poor radio. 

Okay this is the first way of increase the range of your HT. This method is called a "Tiger-Tail" or counterpoise what it does is basically act as reflector like what is in a ground-plane. To do this you need a wire and a terminal connector that fits around the ground of your antenna port. First you attach the wire to terminal connector then you put the terminal connecter around the ground of the antenna port. Now you can trim the wire to length needs to be the same length of one element on a dipole.

Here is the second method it is to use a bigger battery pack. This is the most simple method because all you do is get the biggest supported battery pack. 

This is another simple method all you do is buy a better antenna that what the stock one is or you can make your own. The simplest way to make your own is to cut off the sheath of the coax cable then you separate the core from the shield of the coax to do that you can poke a small hole in the shield of the coax and pry out the center core That is how to make a dipole.

This is the best but least mobile method to do this is hook your HT to your outdoor antenna. This is the best method for performance but this isn't what a HT is for.

Those are some ways the increase range of your HT. They each have many differences in good and bad ways. I hope you can use this in your setup.





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