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Trader's Net Preamble

This is Callsign, Is this frequency in use?

Let the reaper drop


Do we have any emergency or priority traffic for the W4YXA repeater before we begin tonight’s Net?

Let the repeater drop..




Nothing heard, we will begin the Net…

Good evening everyone, my name is name. My call sign is Callsign. That’s Photic Callsign from Location, TN welcoming All radio amateurs to the Short Mountain Repeater Club Trader’s Net.


This Net meets every Thursday night at 8:00 pm Central Standard Time on the W4YXA repeater at the 2 meter frequency of 146.910 mhz. The offset for this repeater is minus 600 mhz or 146.310 mhz. There is No PL Tone required to use this repeater and this repeater is OPEN to All radio amateurs. Just set your offset and join us.


You do not have to be a member of any particular club, group or organization to be a part of this Net. All you need is an amateur radio license of Technician class or higher or to be a third party guest of a licensed radio amateur and Newcomers are welcome to this Net.


The purpose of the Trader's Net is to provide a format for all amateur radio operators to list Ham-related gear which they may want to buy, sell, or trade to other operators on the Short Mountain Repeater.


This is a directed net which is not affiliated with the ARRL. If emergency or priority traffic should occur we will interrupt the net to try to help. Please remember to keep all transmissions compliant with FCC part 97 rule & regulations. Do not attempt to relay unless the Net specifically request it and please remember to use properly procedures when identifying your station. Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated.


Short Mountain Repeater Club also offers operators the ability to list their equipment on the club’s website at, (again)


You must be a registered user of the website to post your equipment which is free to all. To add your equipment to the website just click the Add Content under the Navigation block to the left then click equipment. and enter information about your equipment in the form provided.


If you do not have a computer, or you are prevented from using a computer by some other condition, inform the net control when you offer your listing and we will enter it on the website for you.


Listings on the website will be displayed for 60 days and can be accessed on the World Wide Web by anyone using a computer or mobile device.


All items listed on the net must be amateur radio related, including computers and associated equipment. Dealers of  any kind are asked not to list equipment on the net. You may list equipment on the website with prior approval of Short Mountain's Website Administrator. When describing your gear, please give a detailed, honest and accurate description of the equipment's physical and electrical condition. Short Mountain Repeater Club will not be responsible for any terms of sale or guarantee of equipment condition offered during this net or postings displayed on the website.


This net also discusses ham-related topics each week and you are invited to participate with any comments or thoughts you may have or you may just want to check in to let us know you are participating in the net tonight. Either way, we welcome you, and we're glad you are here.


Our website listings for the net tonight include

Item name

Item description

Item price if any



If you have any question about any items state them when you check-in.


Let the repeater drop

Repeater Drop



Last week’s topic was ___________. Tonight’s Topic will be _____________

Explain a little about the topic…


Remember if you want to choose the topic contact me And / or post it on the Trader’s net forum on the smrc website.


Are there any Announcements before we begin the Net?

Listen and Repeat any announcements…

Are there any more announcements before we begin the Net?

Listen and Repeat any announcements…

Let me let it drop…

Let the repeater drop…

Check ins

Mobile & Short Timers

Let’s start with Mobile or Short Time check ins. Please come with your call phonetically along with your name. Mobile and Short Time check ins only, please come with your call…

Log check ins…

Let’s go back through Mobile and Short Time check ins to weigh in on tonight’s Topic, which is ___________________.

Let “No Traffic” check in go    Recap w/”No Traffic” call signs.

Are there any more Mobile or Short Time check ins, please come with your call…

Log check ins…

Regular Check ins

Let’s start with Regular check ins now. Regular check ins for the Short Mountain Repeater Club Trader’s Net. Please use your call sign phonetically, your name and location. Regular check ins, please call now.

Log regular check ins…    Recap check ins…

We’re still looking for Regular check ins. Regular check ins, please come with your call.

Let the repeater drop…Recap check ins…


Begin the Net

This is the Short Mountain Repeater Club Trader’s Net. My name is name. Callsign and I’ll be Net Control for tonight’s Net. Tonight’s topic is ________________.

Details about the topic…

I will begin taking my turn on the topic if you’ll allow me.

Discuss your view on the topic…

Let’s go to the top of the list and check in with …

Let the repeater drop after everyone’s’ turn… Net Control to ID after every 3 turns.

This is Callsign, Net Control for tonight’s Trader’s Net.

Here are the item’s for sale or people are looking for.

Our website listings for the net tonight include…………………………………..

Last Call

I’d like to send a last call for late check ins to the Short Mountain Repeater Club Trader’s net. Are there any stations who Have Not yet checked into the Net but would like to check in. Late check ins, Please come with your call.

Log any group of late check ins then go back, pose the topic/question to each check in.


Ending the Net


Okay hearing nothing I will close the short mountain Repeater club trader net. This net meets every thursday at 8:00 central standard time. Thank you for checking in.


Callsign clear / qrt

SMRC's Mailing Address

Short Mountain Repeater Club
P.O. Box 330914
Murfreesboro, TN  37133


Use our contact form


Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Trustee email

Club Officers

2019 Officers 

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: KM4UIH (Jacob Slater)

Treasurer:  KM4UII (Dennis Slater)


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