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Amateur Radio CubeSats among 15 Set to Launch on October 21 from Wallops Island



AMSAT reports that an Antares II launch vehicle will carry 15 CubeSats into orbit on October 21 as part of NASA Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) Mission 25. Some will carry Amateur Radio payloads.

  • TJ REVERB, developed by students at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia, will carry a 145.825 MHz APRS digipeater.
  • HuskySat, a University of Washington – Seattle project, will be boosted into a 500-kilometer (approximately 310-mile) orbit via the Cygnus external deployment device. HuskySat will carry a V/U linear transponder provided in cooperation with AMSAT.

Other satellites announced for the ELaNa 25 launch include Argus (St. Louis University), 437 MHz telemetry; AzTechSat-1 (NASA Ames Research Center) 437 MHz telemetry; CySat (Iowa State University) 436 MHz telemetry; Phoenix (Arizona State University) 437 and 2400 MHz telemetry; RadSat-U (Montana State University) 437 MHz telemetry; SPOC (University of Georgia) 437 and 2400 MHz telemetry, and SwampSat II (University of Florida) 437 and 2400 MHz telemetry. — Thanks to AMSAT News Service


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