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  • Reply to: Old Codger's Net   1 year 1 month ago

    I have been inactive for quite some time, and thought about the good old days on the 146.910 repeater. I started looking arount to find that The Old Codger's Net was still going after all of these years! That inspired me in a way to become active again and rejoin The Short Mountain Repeater Club. I actually checked into the net tonight for the first time in many years!

    I suppose I now possess the lowest OCN number assigned to a living person, but boy what fun it was on that first night! There was a group of us on the repeater including KD4MNN (Bobby Womack, 101c SK), W4IV (Roger Hughes, 102c SK), KD4BOE (Bill Frey, 103c SK) and several others who were throwing around what we deemed as totally useless information. Roger said we should start an unofficial net on Mondays as we didn't have a net on Mondays back then. It all took off from there and Roger started taking check-ins. For the next few weeks, as I recall, The Old Codger Net was getting more check-ins than any other net on the repeater!

    Like I said, it was a pleasant surprise to see it still going. Seeing the numbers well over 1000 is another great surprise and I am glad to see a tradition that has been kept alive from a great time in my past. Thank you all who have kept it going!


    Brent Mangrum

    KI4KZS OCN# 104c


  • Reply to: Old Codger's Net   3 years 1 month ago

    I am a new member to the club and am interested in getting an Old Codger's number and certificate.  Thanks!

  • Reply to: How to use EZNEC Antenna Modeling Software   3 years 5 months ago

    Hello all:  I recently tried to use the FREE version of EZNEC for a simple simulation and found the limitations very substantial.  Some time ago I used NEC2D for PC to simulate some complete new antenna designs, like a 4 element 10M Delta Loop antenna and found it very good.  The file you want is, which is free (  On this page look first at 00-index.txt, which is a listing of all the files available. This runs in DOS mode in a Command Prompt window under Windows 10.  In order to do create files and run it, I had downloaded the instruction manual for NEC at  There are only a few commands you need to know to create the input files.  I can send sample files to anyone interested, but could not copy them here.  This is a very good analysis program for anyone interested in really good simulations. 

    73, John, K9KA (



  • Reply to: New Log4om Release   4 years 9 months ago

    Well, to be honest, I think it was the capital w.  Looks like their site is case sensitive.  You don't see that much these days.

  • Reply to: New Log4om Release   4 years 9 months ago

    Thanks. My iPad assumes the http(s):// syntax in a copy/paste.

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