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Codger List

Call Sign Charter First Name OCNsort ascending QTH
wa4ivd N russell 917 Shelbyville
kk4cwf N ron 916 Franklin
kw4bc N bill 915 tullahoma
kk4pbj N Chris 914 Tracey City tn
kc2lft N Rich 913 Hartsville
KG4ERE N Adam 912 Spring Hill
NYFD N Retired in Memorial of 9/11 911 USA
KM4DRL N Chandler 910 Murfreesboro
WA4NOE N Dave 909 Murfreesboro
AC4YJ N John 908 McMinnville
KD4WBS N Craig 907 Franklin
K9OGR N Pete 906 Richland IND
KK4TYW N MARTIN 905 Hermitage
KM4CAN N Justin 904 Nolensville
KJ4Lnm N Brian 903 Tullahoma
KM4DCZ N Allen 902 Murfreesboro
KM4CPT N Chris 901 Murfreesboro
KG4VDK N Mike 900 Murfreesboro
KJ4NZR N Gary 899 Lincoln Cnty
KK4EXY N DENNIS 898 Madison
WV4D N KEN 897 Smyrna
KD4BBP N J. R. 896 Murfreesboro
KK4ZNU N ROGER 895 Chapel Hill
KK4ZDU N Russ 894 Altamont
KM4ACK N Jason 893 Murfreesboro


SMRC's Mailing Address

Short Mountain Repeater Club
P.O. Box 330914
Murfreesboro, TN  37133


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Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Trustee email

Club Officers

2018 Officers 

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President: WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: WD4CYV (George Stone)

Treasurer: N4MEY (Curt Porter)

2019 Officers Elect

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: KM4UIH (Jacob Slater)

Treasurer:  KM4UII (Dennis Slater)


Who's new

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  • KN4OXP
  • KI4KZS
  • KM4UIH

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