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39th Annual SMRC Cedars of Lebanon 2019 Hamfest



President  W4WRB  Randy Bee

Vice President  WA4IVD  Russell Bryant

Secretary  WD4CYV  George Stone

Treasurer  N4MEY  Curt Porter

What really happened to Amelia Earhart

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) believes it has the key to unlock the decades-old mystery of what happened to famed aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan in their planned circumnavigation of the globe in 1937. TIGHAR’s The Earhart Project analyzed dozens of radio transmissions received by radio amateurs and other short-wave listeners during the frantic search to locate Earhart’s plane when she did make her scheduled arrival at Howland Island. Many theories have sprung up over the years to explain the mysterious disappearance, but a TIGHAR research paper entitled The Post-Loss Radio Signals, published in July by The Earhart Project, maintains that “the patterns and relationships emerging from the data show that TIGHAR has answered the 81-year-old question: ‘What really happened to Amelia Earhart?’”


Everyone is familiar with the common joke that duct tape can fix just about any situation. While this tends to be the case, especially when speed and ease of a repair are in question, keeping a roll of duct tape at the ready can become vital in emergency situations. This handy resource should be a staple in any survival kit or bug out bag, since the applications for duct tape can be your key to survival.

The Chill of Solar Minimum

FCC Enforcement Advisory Targets Noncompliant Imported VHF/UHF Transceive

FCC Enforcement Advisory Targets Noncompliant Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers


Scouting’s 2018 Jamboree on the Air Set for October 19 – 21

Scouting’s 2018 Jamboree on the Air Set for October 19 – 21


Frequencies to Monitor in Support of Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts

Frequencies to Monitor in Support of Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts

With hurricane Florence taking its course towards the Carolinas and Georgia with an expected landfall to occur within Thursday to Friday, either as category 3 or 4 at landfall, the following frequencies have been allocated for the emergency communication to facilitate and support recovery efforts.

Top 10 Most Wanted DXCC Entities List Updated

Top 10 Most Wanted DXCC Entities List Updated


Save WWV WWVH WWVB Stations

Saving WWV,WWVH and WWVB

Some newer hams may not realize the deeper value of these stations but they were definately a requirement back in "the old days"

Accurate time keeping for several types of schedules and such had nothing else to reference as at that time there were no computers or internet

The government is currently considering abandoning this system in the next budget cut

The link below is a petition to bring it to the attention of our leaders that we still need this service

It actually still runs our atomic clocks and other functions

Please electonically sign the petition   I already have  W4WRB




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Short Mountain Repeater Club
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Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

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Club Officers

2018 Officers 

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President: WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: WD4CYV (George Stone)

Treasurer: N4MEY (Curt Porter)

2019 Officers Nominated

President:  W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  WA4IVD (Russell Bryant)

Secretary: KM4UIH (Jacob Slater)

Treasurer:  KM4UII (Dennis Slater)


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